Install a Pollinator Garden

Install a Pollinator Garden

Does your property consist of an empty green lawn and a button row of boxwoods, enveloped by English Ivy? You might not know it, but this desolate landscape is a food desert for most wildlife. Insect populations plummet as wild areas are replaced with hardscaping, mulch and a limited number of non-native plants. Those insects are necessary to support birds and other animals higher up in the food chain. Traditional suburban lawn and garden practices don’t create a healthy habitat for native wildlife, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Greener Gardens can help you increase the abundance and diversity of life in your garden, benefiting you in turn. Our approach is based on these basic tenets:

  • Gardens can and should sustain local wildlife.
  • Local wildlife can sustain your garden by increasing pollination.
  • Sustainable practices can make gardening less expensive and less labor-intensive.
  • Gardening should be a joy, not a job.

Garden planning and installation

Brandee Gruener of Greener Gardens can help if you would like to move toward a healthier habitat but aren’t sure where to begin. Brandee will start by surveying your existing landscape, identifying plant species that are beneficial to wildlife, discussing your lawn and garden practices, and coming up with solutions that will benefit your home or business and the wildlife around it. Brandee can then install your pollinator garden, providing education on your new plants and their care. We believe that we haven’t done our job if we simply sell you a plant.

Greener Gardens is not a landscaping company and does not provide hardscaping services. We focus on small jobs where we can make a big impact on improving habitat for pollinators and bringing more joy into the garden. Our services include:

  • General consulting and design
  • Herb and kitchen gardens
  • Native and pollinator-friendly gardens for homeowners
  • Pollinator plantings for commercial and public spaces

Sales and plant sourcing

Greener Gardens can source plants for you and occasionally donates wildlife-friendly plants for garden projects. We try to focus on family-owned, local stores when possible, while keeping in mind budget limitations and availability. If a nearby store doesn’t carry what you need, we are familiar with the stock available at specialty nurseries around the region.

We have a “no-single-use-plastic” policy, so we are always looking for donations of plastic pots. We also sell bee houses and can build custom houses upon request.


At Greener Gardens, educating homeowners is a big part of our mission. We write articles for the public and provide literature to our customers so that they have a greater understanding of the value of individual plants and of wildlife-friendly practices.