Plant this for fall: Blue Mistflower

Plant this for fall: Blue Mistflower

Each year a rainbow of chrysanthemums marches into garden centers to overtake the tables. A few asters in whites, purples and pinks accompany them. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy both plants in a season when most flowers fade away. When mums and asters are in full bloom, they provide ready-made bouquets for your garden. But there are other options that don’t require constant monitoring, watering and deadheading to keep the show going.

Conoclinium coelestinum, also known as blue mistflower, hardy ageratum, and blue boneset, is a low-maintenance perennial native to eastern North America. This tough plant blooms for weeks without any help from me. Though it likes rich and moist soils, my mistflower bloomed in part sun after weeks without rain. The leaves remind me of mint and it spreads just as enthusiastically. However, this freely seeding plant can easily be pulled from areas where it isn’t welcome.

Blue mistflower blooms through October, providing food for bees and butterflies at the end of the growing season. If you can’t find live plants in a garden center, consider planting seeds for next year. Mistflower is a great choice for any low-maintenance garden.

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